At The Teeser, our clients are our “walking advertisement” and the perfect testament to the awesome t-shirts that we have  printed. It is the smiles on their faces that really inspires and encourages us to constantly improve ourselves to serve clients like you better.

This gallery will share with you some of the customized design T-shirts, Singlets and other apparel items that customers have got us to assist them with.

If you wish to “show off” photographs of you and your friends/colleagues wearing our shirts on our website, feel free to send it over to our Customer Care team and we’ll put it up in no time!

Waikiki SMU Singlet

Customized shirt gallery

SMU Information Systems T-Shirt

SMU Information System T-Shirt

Oikos SMU T-Shirt

Customized shirt gallery

SMU Business T-Shirt

Customized shirt gallery

SMU Freshmen Experience T-Shirt

SMU Sports Camp T-Shirt

SMUX Camp T-Shirt

SMU Track and Field Camp T-Shirt

SMU Dragon Boat T-Shirt