T-Shirt Printing Services

T-Shirt Printing Services

Teeser apparel mainly offers four variations of t-shirt printing, namely silkscreen printing, jersey printing, embroidery and heat transfer. There are also other forms of methods that you could explore but this four are the main variations that you could discuss with our professionals.

Please let us know the type of fabric or apparels you are interested in as certain methods are only compatible with a limited range of fabrics or material.

You can refer to our below list of the different types of printing and also the explanations for a more detailed list of the materials we offer. If you are unsure, you do not have to worry as we will guide you every step of the way to point out the most bang for buck option for your t-shirt.

You can refer to the respective sections below for our apparel printing services to find out more information about them:


Silkscreen shirt printing:

T-Shirt Printing Services


Silkscreen printing, more commonly known as plot printing, is one of the hallmark t-shirt printing services methods in the industry selected by most clients.

Done by using an initial template to replicate a large number of t-shirts, it produces high quality prints on your t-shirts that last for a very long time without fading. However do note that it consists of a higher cost due to the template creation for your original design.

While most companies in Singapore only offer the standard approach of silkscreen printing, The Teeser Apparel offers specialized in high quality variations to accurately produce the different effects required for our clients’ designs like emboss and many others as well. Teeser Apparel Printing is one of the leading silkscreen printers in Singapore and we are committed to high quality products and services.



Embroidery T Shirt Printing:

T-Shirt Printing Services


Embroidery t-shirt printing services differs slightly from your conventional approaches to printing in that it involves the process of sewing coloured threads on your fabric of choice to produce the design you desire.

Although the setup costs are normally lower than other methods like Silkscreen, it will still ultimately depend on the size of the design and the number of stitches required for it. It is not restricted to a single original template as well.

We strive to offer more with an advanced digitizer instead of the standard embroidery techniques employed by other t-shirt printers in Singapore.

Heat Transfer Shirt Printing:



Another of the common methods offered is Heat Transfer Printing Services. It involves printing the fibres with disperse dyes that are transferred onto your chosen fabric from pre-printed paper using contact heat.

It is great for producing clear images which lasts for a large number of washes. There is also the added benefit of a low setup cost as the method does not required a template creation process like Silkscreen Printing.

Jersey Printing:

Also known as Vinyl Printing, This is the go-to approach for anyone looking to get their unique logo or identity printed on a jersey. The nature of the print offers long-term durability with a slightly elevated feel of the apparel material. Unlike Silkscreen, it is not limited only to duplicates and has a lower setup cost for the project.

Everyone is looking for a reliable t-shirt printing company and The Teeser Apparel is one of the leading companies that you can trust and we are also well recognized by major corporations and institutions, so why not give us a call and our friendly customer relations personnel will understand your needs and assist you with your printing requirements.

Our value-added service includes designing of the T-Shirt as well as delivery of the ordered items. We are glad to understand your queries and go through them one by one.

Please contact us via our t-shirt printing company page or call us at 9838 7344 for any queries today! We will be glad to advise and help you select the most cost effective option for your desired t-shirts.




Dont be afraid to contact us to find out more about our services, there are also various other methods of printing or printing types that you can consider, contact us first to find out more about other options

T-Shirt Printing Services